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Before I started coaching with Maleeha, I wasn’t able to control myself with my diet. I really needed help losing weight too!

I started Maleeha’s workout and nutrition plan and I’ve improved so much. Because of her accountability, I’ve been really good with controlling how much I eat and the amount of sweets I eat. She is an amazing supporter/cheerleader who encourages me daily so that I can make the best choices.


Also, I lost pounds in 1 month!! I am very happy and grateful for this amazing experience alhumdulillah!


One of the main problems I had was staying motivated to workout. It’s difficult to stay motivated when you don’t see any results or progress. 


When I started personal training with Maleeha 3 years ago, I began to get into the habit of working out consistently, even on days we didn’t train. Being active became a part of my lifestyle. 


Maleeha helped me a lot with staying on track, building muscle and becoming stronger. Alhumdulillah I am more motivated now to keep working on my fat loss/strength goals!


It was really hard for me to be consistent with exercise and eat healthy while juggling life/kids before I started your coaching program. 

With your help and accountability, I learned how to take time out to exercise everyday and be consistent with working out. I learned that there are no good or bad foods- it’s all about balance. Alhumdulilllah I’m happy I lost weight even while enjoying the foods I love.

I have learned so much from you in the past couple of months and I couldn’t have done any of this without your help Maleeha. Thank you for the motivation and being there every single day along this journey. You’ve truly been a blessing for me alhumdulillah!

~Strong Sister~

I had a hard time fitting exercise in my daily routine and getting it done. Alhumdulilllah because of Maleeha’s personal training sessions and check-ins, I now see exercise as less of an obstacle and more of self-care. I look forward to working out and I feel incredibly stronger too! Maleeha is punctual, professional, friendly, optimistic, and just an overall great instructor. I highly recommend training with her.


I used to struggle with my stamina, quitting after 20 minutes. Now, I’m able to push myself more and more each time during the workout alhumdulilllah. Ihsaan Fitness has prepared me to establish a regular routine for exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I appreciate the one-on-one coaching option that I used in the past because I learned to make better choices. I prioritize my health, so I am able to find room in my schedule to be physically active. I benefit a lot from working out at home in my private space with great ease and convenience.  All in all, for an affordable group fitness class package I get complete satisfaction for my body.


Before joining Ihsaan Fitness, I had a hard time getting motivated to exercise. One of my top goals was to lose weight and tone my body, but I wasn’t sure how to get started and I needed someone to help push me.

October of last year I decided to push myself and start the outdoor group fitness classes. I tried a free class and have been attending the group fitness classes since then. I love how Coach Maleeha always pushes and challenges us. That’s exactly what I needed.

I feel even more motivated after the workouts with Maleeha’s encouragement and thoughtful comments that she sends me. I find that to be a lovely, personal touch. Maleeha really cares about her clients, and I could really see it.

Alhumdulilllah, I’ve lost weight now and have been able to maintain it. I love the healthy habits, lifestyle changes, and progress I have made so far and I owe most of it to Maleeha. She’s an excellent trainer! I always look forward to our workout sessions together.


Before starting the group fitness program with Coach Maleeha, I didn’t find time for exercise. I was not taking care of my fitness and often times it made me feel stressed. I always thought that weight training would be something I won’t be able to do. Now I realize that anyone can take out time for exercise. It’s a shift of the mindset. I have started to exercise again and I feel energetic most of the time. Coach Maleeha encourages you a lot during exercise and you feel good. I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking of starting to get fit, to enroll in a fitness training program. Everybody is beautiful.


Professional, knowledgeable, understanding, caring, concerned, punctual, accommodating, fun to be around, lively and much more… is how I will define my experience with Maleeha as a Fitness Trainer. Alhamdulillah for the past one year.

Though I did try personal training before and also joined gyms, I always lacked either motivation to continue or the extensive workout by trainers was too much for me to handle due to issues with my back and knee.

Maleeha first asked me about my goals which were to strengthen my muscles to increases mobility for daily tasks. She started very lightly and she had a plan lined up for me in five phases. She updated me that we will complete phase 1 and started phase 2 after couple of weeks. Each phase of training had more variety but it was always easy and doable.

Since I had soreness in my knees or back at times, she never pushed me for hard squats or lunges. She said bend as much you can without putting pressure on your knees. This made me so comfortable and confident. Initially I would do baby squats by bending a little but after a year I have more flexibility in my joints.

Alhamdulillah training with her helped me with pain management. Alhamdulillah I don't have to take pain killers like candies which I was doing before. I developed stamina to walk, stand for long hours and pray salah without a chair Alhamdulillah.

The ease, flexibility and her understanding of my health issues is a great motivation for me to join her sessions every week. I know I will have a stress free session and can easily ask her to change an exercise if I find something difficult. She always understands and never pushes you too much or embarrasses you. In fact, she is so encouraging and motivating even on your little progresses you share with her.

After reading this some might think, you must be paying a lot for her sessions. Not at all. It's very nominal and affordable for everyone.

I realised this at a very late age when I am 50 now that we should invest time and money for our health and well-being too, like we spend on our clothing and other things.

~Shazia N.~

I was having trouble sticking to an exercise regimen. Since I have Multiple Sclerosis, it’s very important for me to exercise; not doing so made me feel like I was contributing to my demise! Because of the distance and the fact that Maleeha didn’t have experience with this I was a bit skeptical; thankfully I was wrong! Maleeha’s persistence and encouragement were great in getting me exercising. Her research regarding my specific situation cause me to highly recommend her.


Ladies! Ihsaan Fitness is one of the best group fitness classes you will ever take. Whatever is your fitness level, there is a modifications for you. Maleeha breaks down each step so it's easy to follow along. It's only 30 minutes, so there is no excuse for not working out. Maleeha is one of the sweetest person I ever met. Her classes feel like you are at a party instead of a boring old work out. Plus when you get stronger, it will be easier for you to perform your prayers. When you join Ihsaan Fitness you are not just improving your fitness but you are all improving your relationship with Allah.


Thank you Maleeha. It was just the right intensity. It was perfect Alhumdulillah. Jazakallah khair and keep up the excellent work BarakAllah.


I joined Ihsaan Fitness with the desire to continue my overall health improvement journey. Feeling overwhelmed by all the different types of exercise programs, Maleeha was able to create a tailored plan that was focused on making me stronger, more efficient and successful. I appreciated the individualized attention even though we did our sessions virtually. She held me accountable for my food choices, provided feedback and encouraged me to work harder to reach my goals. Her exercises were explained very well, she provided alternative moves in case I needed it and most of all I had fun! Maleeha remains a champion of empowering women who seek a professional that will be in your corner every step towards overall better health and fitness!


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